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The first comprehensive collection and study of Chicago's great tradition of black writing, Richard R. Guzman's 2006 book has been called "impressive...fascinating," and a "work of great importance, and a sheer delight to read." To view a major REVIEW and excerpts of others click here. For more information, including purchase, click here to go to Dr. Guzman's external professional website.

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Writing Well Wherever You Work distills Richard Guzman's nearly two decades of teaching professional writing in places as diverse as large research labs, giant manufacturing companies, and small public libraries. A unique, compact book, it ranges from discussing writing the best sentences, memos, and reports to exploring the culture, the energy, and the critical balance of order and chaos from which good, nourishing writing springs. Before formal hard copy publication, the book is being released first as an inexpensive download.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Please go here for more information.

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Dr. Guzman's first book, written during the nation's Bicentennial Year, is a wide-ranging history of jazz that was also made into a nationally syndicated radio series. It is soon to be re-issued as an E-book, and will also be available as a pdf or an e-book download on Dr. Guzman's professional website at


NVM Gonzalez, one of the world's great writers, was designated a National Artist of the Philippines. Guzman's essay "'As in myth...:' The Fiction of NVM Gonzalez" is widely considered one of the best on the writer and on Philippine culture. Appearing first in the Virginia Quarterly, it has been widely reprinted, including in a memorial box-set of Gonzalez's work, and in Harold Bloom's Asian American Writers, a collection of what Bloom (Yale University) considered the best 15 modern essays on the subject. Read this essay here.

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Smokestacks & Skyscrapers, co-edited with David Starkey, is by far the most comprehensive anthology of Chicago writing and was a Chicago Tribune's Editor's Pick when it appeared in 1999. Temporarily out of print, limited copies may soon be available at Dr. Guzman's external professional website: