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I have been involved in social change or social service projects most of my life, especially in the area of homelessness, where I have worked in shelters for over 30 years, and volunteered with organizations like Hear Us. Since Rick and Desiree, my son and daughter-in-law, started Bryan House and Emmanuel House as a memorial to my youngest son Bryan, whom we lost in December 2006, social change and service has become even more important to me. Below are a list of some of the projects closest to me, including the graduate course MLD 683 - Leadership for Social Change.

More information, including up-to-date Call to Action posts are at

Bryan House and Emmanuel House.   View an introduction to these two projects.

                                                                             Go to for more details and to get involved.

     Diversity plan for Naperville School District #203.
 I led in developing the plan to implement this school district's diversity policy and was given a                     Those Who Excel award by the state of Illinois. A pamphlet (View Here) on the plan was mailed to every household in the district.

     Hear Us.   A national organization giving "Voice and Visibility" to homeless women and children, Hear Us was founded by Diane Nilan. Over 25 years                    ago, my wife Linda and I, and our children, began volunteering in organizations Diane directed. Today we still work at a shelter Diane actually                    founded (Daybreak, in Joliet), and Linda is on the Board of Directors of Hear Us. Visit to learn more and get involved.

     MLD 683 - Leadership for Social Change.  The course gets many students more involved in service and change--some even going on to found                     their own non-profits. More at my external site, including samples of several student projects.