Richard R. Guzman   :::   Speaking & Consulting

I have have given single speeches and done single or multi-session workshops as a consultant at a variety of organizations from colleges to public libraries to large corporations like Lucent (Bell Labs), Caterpillar, Brown & Root, McDonalds, UPS, and others.

I was head consultant and writer of the diversity plan for Naperville school district #203, one of Illinois' largest and most important. To see the pamphlet on this plan mailed to every household in the district, click here.


Among my topics have been:

Diversity & Multiculturalism / Music (jazz, pop, music and culture) / The Bible and Other Sacred Texts (have preached on many Biblical texts and addressed issues of Interfaith Dialogue) / Writing & Organizations (organizational communication, project management) / Leadership (for social change, in organizations) /  Literature (Chicago, Black writers, World writers) /   Personal Development (travel, dealing with grief, family and community)                             

Since I am a musician and performer, I also incorporate performance in many of my talks, as well as multi-media. My fees are based on the size of the organization and the event.


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